Invite your friends and create your own private media channel in the cloud for all your digital creations

Photos, links, Artwork, Action cam Videos



Make your group just friends or use the Interest or Genealogy tool to create a Special Interest or family focus  

Your members own a lot more movies, shows and music than anyone imagined.  Register what's owned into your group media database

Now your group has a media identity and your media channel takes on a life of its own.  It has a personality that you can choose to share on the web, and by consolidating these records your media assets are easy to keep track of.  Better yet content owners might want to offer you deals on related content or upgrades. 


Use The Media Search Tool to locate that special movie or music you like.  Your friend's friend has it, ask to borrow it or invite them to join your media channel.  Now you created a fan club and a new friend




Play it on all your gadgets, tablets, and TV's anywhere

We don't care what you play it on unlike the other guys