The first step in creating your group media channel is to lay claim to the media assets you purchased.  You bought a bunch of music, movies and TV shows over the years.

Did you forget where its all located?  

Did the e-tailer go out of business and leave you hanging? 

Did you get the email when they said they're closing your account unless you respond?  

was the account in your ex's name and now your frozen out?


Don't let this happen to you.  SolaByte is your media license "clerk and recorder."  Register all your media and create your proof of purchase.  We've got your back.

  • We notify your when a web retailer changes license terms or sends notice to close your account

  • We ensure you receive promotional and upgrade offers to future proof your media so it always works and is state of art quality 

  • We capture your licenses from the discs and tapes you bought and make it easy to play them from the cloud

  • If the retailer goes out of business, merges, or claws back your license, we'll help you transfer it to a new one. 

Register your media.  Here's how its done...


Your group's media ownership records are stored in the cloud and the group's value grows with each new download title, DVD, Blu-ray disc, CD, VHS Tape, or vinyl record that's added to the media channel database.  Soon you will be amazed at all the media your group has under its control, and if all your members also create their own media communities the size of the content that members can find and exchange skyrockets.  Thinking of holding a retro music party and need some vintage disco?   Believe it, you will find that Village People album at your Uncle's house and he's happy to let you borrow it.  

OK Now what?

Your group will get a private digital storage locker in the cloud.  Start uploading your videos, links, photos and group creations. Then you can play them on all your gadgets anywhere.