Do you have a passion for creating delightful consumer experiences and in the process helping people connect, care, and grow?  If so we want to hear from you.  SolaByte is recruiting for talented team mates for the following roles:

System Architect:  We need a strong system architect and with database skills capable of creating a scalable media services architecture and design.  Proficient in Full Stack web design skills (front and back) to be capable of problem solving and guiding the work of junior developers.   Required:  5+ years Full Stack web development experience for media streaming site using LAMP structure.  RAILS, Python, JS, HTML5.  Expert in assessment and selection of software tools and Open Source media applications to leverage development.

Front Web/UX Designer:    2-5 years developing highly usable software interfaces for 4 screens.  Story boarding, user testing and graphic arts.

Full Stack Web Developers:  This opportunity is perfect for recent graduate of the Full Stack program.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent on a consumer site with broad exposure.