OK so you have a bunch of music, movies, or shows on discs.  How do you get them to the cloud?  Simply beam them up using SolaByte's patented disc to digital technology.  Here's how it works:

SolaByte invented technology to insert an invisible digital mark into non-writable DVD's, CD's and Blu-ray discs.  These are same type of movie or music discs you buy at the store.  Our process uses software to place the digital mark using the same drive you own today in your PC, so no new hardware is required.  Here's all you have to do:


  • Does the digital mark destroy the disc so it won't play?  No your disc remains playable.  The digital mark is invisible and has no affect of the content stored on the disc
  • Why do I need to mark the disc in the first place?  Good question.  Some content owners want to limit the number of cloud copies that any disc can enable.  By digitally marking the disc, the system can detect if a disc has previously been used to create a cloud copy license.  This way the content owner can award the cloud copy to their customer while preventing others from using the disc to get the extra cloud copy.
  • Will the content owner require marking for all cloud copies obtained from discs?  No, only a fraction of the content will require the marking.  Marking will be used for the highest value content.
  • Can the same technology be used to disable the disc so it become inoperable?  Yes, this is technology also patent pending by SolaByte
  • Does this actually work?   Yes see the video demo of it working here
  • Why not just use Netflix or an online movie services?   Much greater availability of content.  What can be obtained from online media services is only what they can license from the content owner while what's available for sale on discs or digital downloads is far greater.  
  • Why not just upload a copy of the movie I found on the web?   Lots of reasons.   The cloud copies that are licensed by the content owner are professionally mastered, they don't require hours of uploading nor do they consume massive storage space.  Furthermore, creating copies of movies or TV shows from packaged media discs is prohibited by law and with the ease of making a legal license transaction why take the risk?
  • OK so I bought digital downloads from iTunes or another media store, how do I get them into my SolaByte locker?  SolaByte is the world's first universal content locker.  Our goal is not to entrap you within our system.  Use SolaByte's license capture solution to record the licenses you own from other sites and SolaByte will negotiate a new license to "Jailbreak" your content and consolidate your content in one easy to access universal media portal.