The Age of Musical Discovery

No, we’re not talking about when you were 14 and you listened to Dark Side of the Moon for the first time. We are living in an unprecedented era of music exploration. With streaming sites like Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube it has never been easier to access the right music, but what if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Some sites have recommendation engines to suggest music you might like but their results are often flawed because these sites really don’t know you. Just because you checked out some artist, doesn’t mean you’re a fan. Users aren’t looking for a machine or an algorithm to tell them what music to listen to. They’re looking for genuine recommendations from friends or family. Someone who knows at least some context for your life that can give you more thoughtful recommendations based a more complete understanding of your interests. Like any good suit, the tailor-made product is always the superior choice.


But is it possible? SolaByte thinks so, and soon a new social media platform will be available where users can sign up and explore new music genres, artists, and songs on the go! Keep an eye out for the beta, and sign up to be a tester at codenamed: MusicMoji, slated for release very soon!