Come on Over

Come on Over- Shania Twain Releases Entire Discography on Vinyl

Shania Twain, the five-time Grammy Award winning artist released her entire collection, including the universally celebrated Come on Over album, on vinyl October 14th. Twain, who received the Artist of a Lifetime award during the CMT Artists of the Year Special earlier this week, is yet another artist converting her work into the retro format. Others include: Daft Punk, whose album Random Access Memories, is partially credited to have kickstarted the vinyl revival.


Research suggests that it’s not old-timers feeling nostalgic about “what used to be,” but rather, millennials who are credited with the recent demand for vinyl production. This article from Billboard suggests that holding a physical copy is “way cooler than having a file in your iPod.”

If the trend continues, vinyl may very well make a substantial comeback in the years to come. Not outstripping digital media sales, of course, but the trend suggests that communal music experiences is becoming far more popular than the alternative of shutting out the world with earbuds in place.